Location: Kalkara Creek
Maximum Depth: 24m
Constructed: 1912
Type: Passenger Ship
Weight (tons): 3257 grt
Dimensions: 105.5m X 13.7m
Builders: Forges & Chantiers de la Mediteranee, La Seyne
Last Owner: Godillot E.

This 3496 ton passenger ship, 105.5 metres in length with a 13.7 metre beam, was built in 1912 by Forges & Chantiers de la Mediteranee at La Seyne (Yard No. 1055) and named ‘Theodore Mante’ over the next twenty seven years her name was changed several times, Mustaapha II, Djebel Antar and Gatun, in 1939 she was re-named Margit.

She arrived in Malta at 1700hrs on 17th April 1939 from Marseilles under a Panamanian flag. She stayed in Malta for the next two years and whilst waiting for a crew, broke out. During the early hours of 19th April 1941, while moored to buoy No. 14 at the entrance to Kalkara Creek, an air raid by Ju87s took place between 0310-0557hrs, she was hit, set on fire, listed to port and sank. Only her two masts remained sticking out of the water to mark her grave. In 1943, the two masts and her funnel were removed by explosives, this was to make No. 14 berth available for use during the forthcoming invasion of Sicily.