Scott Craig Wreck - Location: By Popeye Village | Max. depth 20m | Grade: All levels



The Scott Craig wreck was used for the filming of Popeye, and then scuttled just outside Anchor Bay where it lies on the sandy sea floor in an upright position. A nice dive for all levels, and as it is relatively undisturbed tends to be home to a nice variety of marine life. An ideal site for a 2nd boat dive.


L-Ahrax Cave - Location: North Coast | Max. depth 20m | Grade: All levels

The cave at L-Ahrax is accessible from shore but a much better dive from the boat as it cuts out all the hard work of getting there. Located behind an outcrop of the northern coastline there is a collapsed cave that can be accessed from underwater bringing you into a unique site in which you can surface and take some fun photos.


Filfla Island - Location: Off Wied-iz-Zurrieq | Max. depth 30m+ | Grade: Advanced Open Water +

The smallest island surrounding Malta which is an uninhabited Nature Reserve, is located a short distance away from Wied-iz-Zurrieq and Ghar Lapsi. To dive here you need to apply for a special permit.


Migrah Ferha – Location: West Coast | Max. depth 30m +| Grade: Advanced Open Water +

A car wreck graveyard and a small network of caves awaits you on this boat dive. The dive site offers you a variety of marine life, a halocline (mix of salt and fresh water) and some interesting cars to explore!


Devil’s Reef - Location: North West Coast| Max. depth 30m + | Grade: Advanced Open Water +

A lovely boat dive with drop offs and a nice cave and excellent marine life. Experienced divers only.