X127 Water Lighter (Coralita)



Location: Manoel Island
Maximum Depth:
Constructed: Goole shipbuilding and repairs co.
Type: landing craft
Weight (tons):
Last Owner:

In February 1915, Walter Pollock of James Pollock and Sons was sent for by Lord Fisher on behalf of the Admiralty. Walter Pollock was asked to design and oversee the construction of 200 motor landing craft (support vessels) built for the 1915 Dardanelles landings in the Gallipoli campaign during World War I these were designated ‘X Lighters’.

The hull construction was based on the Thames river barges with a 60% parallel bottom and a spoon shaped bow with a drop down ramp, this would enable them to deal with the steep shelving beaches and soon gained the nickname ‘Black Beatles’. Each one weighed 135 tons, and was 35 meters in length with a beam of 6.5 metres and had accommodation for 12 men.

X Lighters were built in 30 ship yards in England and Scotland. X 127 was built by Goole Shipbuilding and Repairs Co. Beverly, Yorkshire, and she was fitted with a Campbell 80 BHP engine with twin props.

The X 127 was converted to carry water and fitted with a Tangye water pump engine to pump the water out of the hull to reservoirs on shore.

These vessels were towed the 3,000 miles from Immingham on the river Humber via Plymouth to the large natural harbour of Mudros on the Agean Island of Lemnos, this took approximately 25 days. At Cape Hellas on the Gallipoli peninsular two reservoirs were built, the Water Lighters could transfer water from the ships to the beach then pumped it to the reservoirs.