Over the last couple of years we have had a lot of members complain to us about luggage allowance on AirMalta flights, basically what was happening was that people were still being charged a €15 (each way) sporting allowance supplement even if they were within their 20k limit but carrying diving equipment. Through much correspondents between Air Malta and a regular visitor to Gozo it seems that this problem has been sorted!


Following the correspondents I would recommend telling your visiting divers that if they can fit in all their diving equipment and any other belongings into a bag which does not weigh over 20k they will not need to pay the ‘extra sporting allowance’." However since the rules stipulate that no valuables are to be placed in checked in luggage make sure that you insure the contents of your luggage's since Air Malta is not responsible for any damages.” Please remember that valuables can be placed in hand luggage, note max 8kilos and must not exceed 18x45x50cm in size."


For those people needing extra weight allowance/bag please advise your divers to check out  which gives details on the €15 for 30k sporting allowance.


Marjolein Thrower received an email from Air Malta confirming the Luggage Allowance (download email).  It is advisable to tell divers to have a copy of this email while checking in at the airport just in case the details have not been passed onto the check-in staff.